Ek Kadam Aagal-2 BY GCERT For Higher Order Thinking Question.

 According to “Step Forward,” almost every relevant question is asked of you every week. The answer to the weekly questions, including the questions, will be presented to you next week. These questions correspond to the situation of students in grades 6 to 10, but the level of questions for a few weeks does not meet the following criteria: Therefore, teachers should consider the questions posed each week and discuss questions with the teacher. Questions asked “one more step” may have nothing to do with textbooks. However, these questions should be related to the different characteristics taught in the SDD. 6-10 and the end of the study.

Sam drew a picture of his shirt on his computer. They print photos using special paper. Then insert the image and print it on a T-shirt. The final print on the T-shirt is a screenshot of the image on your computer (shown in the mirror).

Sameera can also print her pictures on the drywall easily using her computer. Samila Madab's friend found two T-shirts and two mugs for reconciliation. 500 was brought from Sameera for printing bills. Print a picture of White Rupee. Print the image in mug x and Rs. If so, choose the right one for your full print price.

Ek Kadam Aagal-2 BY GCERT For Higher Order Thinking Question.

A lot of chemical research on the process of processing materials into one another to make another product or products. For more information on these chemical processes, visit the Grade 10 Science course. This week’s Science course will be inspiring.

Objects take a long time to process each other, or it may take years. Stimulating such a situation now will speed up the process. In fact, some processes require external energy activation (activation energy). Without this energy, the process will continue or be very slow. Thus, in such cases, a special substance called a catalyst reduces the activation energy of this process. Sometimes stimulants are used to slow this process. Therefore, stimulants are the ingredients that speed up the process without being used when added. Widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Ek Kadam Aagal-2 BY GCERT For Higher Order Thinking Question.


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Many stimuli in your body are working today. Enzymes are enzymes that are natural stimulants, and if you're studying biology, you're familiar with many enzymes, including enzymes. They help mimic DNA and help the liver clear toxins from the body. As Laurel Hammers describes in a student article in Science News, stimulants are the undisputed hero of the chemical processes that sustain human societies.

In fact, you may have heard of terms used in common conversation. For example, children can be catalysts of change to a sustainable planet.

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