Unemployment allowance: 50% of pay for 3 months

The center on Thursday dropped the norm to offer 50% of wages as compensation for unemployed workers who are members of the State Insurance Corporation who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The move is a great relief for industrial workers who have lost their jobs or are on the verge of losing their jobs due to the impact of the pandemic and closure. There were demands from many neighborhoods to pay payments to workers affected by the epidemic. In fact, at least two months ago, the Ministry of Finance and the Finance Commission demanded a simplification of the rules.
Employees are entitled to claim a supplement for a period of three months (90 days) between March 24 and December 31. They were to be part of the ESI scheme for two years between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2020 and must contribute at least 78 days between 1 October 2019 and 31 March 2020. Six-month contributions from April 1, 2018.

V Radhakrishana, a member of the ISIS board and national executive member of Bahari Masdor Sang, said the move would benefit 30-35 lakh workers and help those who have lost their jobs.

The liberalized plan was introduced with changes to the Atal Brim Viati project by Kaljan Jojan. The ESIC scheme covers workers who earn up to a certain level and are entitled to unemployment benefits.

Under the scheme, benefits of up to 25% of the average daily income for the previous four contribution periods will be provided under certain conditions up to a maximum of 90 days of one-time unemployment. It is now increased to 50%.

The conditions require the insured to be employed during this period, without relief. He must have been in hazardous business for at least two years before unemployment occurred.

It also states that the insured must contribute at least 78 days during the previous four contribution periods.

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Sources said that the previous situation was that the request was submitted through the employers, but now the conditions have been eased so that the workers can enter the ESIS office and submit the request.

Instead of being paid after 90 days of unemployment, it will be paid after 30 days.

ASIS has decided to extend the project for another year until June 30, 2021. The decisions were made at a meeting of the ESIC, chaired by Labor Minister Santos Gangover. The meeting also decided to establish ICU and HDU services in 10% of the total beds in ISIK hospitals, the government said in a statement.

Business Standard reports that the central government may provide unemployment benefits for some organized workers who lose their jobs as a result of the epidemic, in order to influence people affected by the work of the novel Corona virus.

A senior government official said in a statement that the Ministry of Labor and Labor was working to expand Atal Bem's male, Kaljan Jojan, to allow workers to receive unemployment benefits in the event of a coronavirus infection.

Atal Bema Viati Kaljan Jojana is an unemployment insurance scheme for workers who subscribe to the State Employee Insurance Scheme (ESI).

ESI is a stand-alone health insurance scheme for employees in the official business sector in India. This is regulated by the State Employee Insurance Corporation (ESIC).

Under the scheme, workers receive cash benefits of 25 percent of the average wage that the unemployed earn up to three months' employment in the last two years, the report said.

However, workers must be ESIC subscribers for at least two years to receive unemployment benefits, which can only be used once in a lifetime.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that the impact of SOVID-19 will cause an estimated 25 million unemployed people worldwide.

Meanwhile, the central government is working on an economic package for various sectors, such as civil aviation and tourism, to combat the coronavirus pandemic that has hit the economy.




On March 19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the formation of a working group under Finance Minister Nirmal Sitaraman, which will take the necessary measures "in the near future" after analyzing the situation with the coronavirus pandemic.

Addressing the nation, Prime Minister Modi said - given the economic challenges
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